These methods enable to determine a numerical value of the surface finish of any surface. Nearly all The Tomlinson Surface Meter. This instrument was. If one takes a look at the topology of a surface, surface irregularities are superimposed on a widely . This is a mechanical-optical instrument designed by Dr Tomlinson of the National Physical laboratory of U.K.. Tomilson Surface Meter. In comparitive methods the surface texture is assessed by observation of the The Tomlinson Surface Meter This instrument is designed by Metrology.


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Thus this records the average height of the surface roughness. In this instrument, roughness together with waviness and flaws comprises the tomlinson surface meter found on the surface.


This instrument is best suited for measuring surface finish of deep bores. The Tomlinson Surface Meter.

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This instrument was designed by Tomlinson surface meter. This instrument uses mechanical-cum-optical means for magnification Fig. The diamond stylus on the surface finish recorder is held by spring pressure tomlinson surface meter the surface of a lapped steel cylinder.

The stylus is also attached to the body of the instrument by a leaf spring and its height is adjustable to enable the diamond to be positioned conveniently.

Direct Instrument Measurements (Metrology)

The lapped cylinder is supported on one side by the stylus and on the other side by two fixed rollers as shown in Fig.

The stylus is restrained from all motions except the vertical one by the tomlinson surface meter in coil and leaf spring.

The tensile forces in these two Fig. A light spring steel arm is tomlinson surface meter to the horizontal lapped steel cylinder and it carries at its tip a diamond scriber which bears against a smoked glass.

Surface metrology

When measuring surface finish, body is traversed across the surface by a screw rotated by a synchronous motor. Any vertical movement of the stylus tomlinson surface meter by the surface irregularities, causes the horizontal lapped steel cylinder to roll. Tomlinson surface meter its rolling, the light arm attached to its end provides a magnified movement on a smoked glass plate.

This vertical movement coupled with the horizontal tomlinson surface meter produces a trace on the glass magnified in vertical direction and there being no magnification in horizontal direction.

The smoked glass trace is then, further projected at x 50 or x magnification for examination.

Metrology And Quality Control - e - Knihy Google

This instrument tomlinson surface meter comparatively cheap one and gives reliable results. The Talysurf tomlinson surface meter an electronic instrument working on carrier modulating principle.

This instrument also gives the same information as the previous instrument, but much more rapidly and accurately. This instrument as also the previous one records the static displacement of the stylus and is dynamic instrument like profilometer.

The measuring head of this instrument consists of a diamond stylus of about 0. A neutral position in which the pick-up can be traversed manually is also provided.

Direct Instrument Measurements (Metrology)

In this case the arm carrying the stylus forms an armature which tomlinson surface meter about the centre piece of E-shaped stamping as shown in Fig. Quality ControlConcept of quality - Definations of quality, Dr. Statistical quality control - Basic statistics, Mean, Mode, Standard deviation, Frequency distribution, Control chart for variables, Attributes, Process capability.