Once a minute or an hour has passed, we can't get it back. Time is the most limited resource we have. Are you hoarding it, wasting it, or making. 1. Stewardship of Time. Ekkehardt Mueller. People today have a problem with time. One hundred and fifty years ago, if a merchant from. Chicago had to do. We all face scarcity, especially the scarcity of time. What does faithful stewardship of this resource look like?


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God alone can give us that. So then we must lay aside the works of darkness, and put on the weapons of light.

Knowing this becomes a strong motivation to the kind of godly living just described in the preceding verses.

In contrast to chronos which may refer to elapsed time, or to the duration of time, kairos more often looks stewardship of time fixed or definite time, and especially of the quality or characteristics of a particular time with its accompanied events.

The Stewardship of Time |

So it may refer to a seasonable time, a time of opportunity, a fruitful time, the fullness of time or times, a welcomed time, a time of salvation, or a difficult time Gal.

Stewardship of time is used 85 times in the New Testament and 30 stewardship of time these by Paul. The decisively new and constitutive factor for any Christian conception of time is the conviction that, with the coming of Jesus, a unique kairos has dawned, one by which all other time is qualified.

And this Savior, in the fullness of time, entered into human flesh, ministered among men, died for our sin, was raised from the dead, and now ascended sits at the right hand of God.

From this exalted position, through the work of the Holy Spirit and the body of Christ, He seeks to draw all men to Himself.


The suffering, death, resurrection, and ascended session of Jesus is not just a fact of past history. Rather, these momentous events in time have ushered us into a present time of salvation which Paul has defined as a time of proclamation stewardship of time the body of Christ.

But while today is the kairos of salvation, it is also another kind of kairos, a time described as difficult 2 Tim. It is a time, however, when stewardship of time night is almost gone and the day is near Rom.

The Stewardship Of Time Sermon by Ed Sasnett, Psalms -

While faith brings salvation and forgiveness of sin, it also brings stewardship of time special responsibility in relation to time. Faith calls on us to live wisely in view of the nature of this kairos as difficult and filled with evil while also bearing in mind the reality of the coming day when this present time will end.

The issue is a need to grasp the nature of this time as a time stewardship of time opportunity for salvation, but also as temporal and evil in contrast to the glory of the future which is a time of eternal light and the fullness of times Eph.

The Apostle calls us to a guarded walk because the days in which we live in the present form of the world are evil. The days are undoubtedly described as evil because they are full of ideas, values, and uses that are destructive and contrary to the purposes of God, but they are also evil because of the many delusions and temptations designed by the evil one to draw men away from God and His will 2 Thess.

The former life of darkness as children of disobedience is now to become a life of light as children of God who seek to prove what is pleasing to the Lord Eph.

With this comes the responsibility to make wise use of this time. The reason, remember, is that the days are evil. Stewardship of time are filled with deceptions and temptations designed to cause us to miss the will of God. So, a further result of such a careful walk in wisdom is the capacity to rescue time from the bondage of unprofitable uses and activities while here on earth that displease the Lord and have no eternal value.

Based on the laws of the harvest vss. There is a time coming that will be characterized by a harvest, a time of rewards for faithful service. Verse 9 then becomes a motivation for verse The guiding principles in doing good are two fold: This is the season we have for sowing good.