Snow Walker's Companion has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. Anthony said: This is the book if you are serious about trekking to remote northern forests in the. This important book brings the skills & philosophy of the snow walkers of the north woods to a new generation of outdoorspeople, & shows today's wilderness. Snow-Walker is a trilogy written by author Catherine Fisher. The book is presumably set in the Thorkil Harraldsson – Jessa's cousin and companion on her journey to Thrasirshall. Like Jessa, he, too, was banished because of father's.


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Snow-Walker - Wikipedia

The Conovers justify this by saying that their inclusion of hot tents and stoves helps your body stay warm without having to burn precious calories and allow you to dry clothes more quickly. At the same time however their methods do require a lot more work. Snow walker s companion it isn't necessarily a calorie saving method.

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  • Snow Walker's Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the North
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But I don't know that anyone has researched this. Their disdain for synthetics is certainly understandable. It was there that Brocheal taught him snow walker s companion to live by showing him love and kindness, allowing him to grow into a soft-spoken, gentle young man.

Because of this, the two are inseparable.


For years, however, Gudrun let rumours run, and soon the people believed him to be a monster. In reality, Kari is simply his mother's reflection; they snow walker s companion exactly alike and have the very same powers, but just like a reflection, they are complete opposites.

He is often accompanied by two large ravens known as Thought and Memory. Skapti Arnsson — Wulfgar's mischievous friend. He is first seen as a peddler that assisted in the escape of Wulfgar Osricsson.

He is revealed as a skald later, and an old friend of Brocheal Gunnarson and Kari Ragnarsson that has been providing them with food. Brochael Gunnarsson — a large, red-haired man that snow walker s companion exiled by Ragnar.

Wood Trekker: A Snow Walker's Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the North Review

As further punishment, he was assigned to be Kari's caretaker. One of the great treats of this book - and a timely one for snow walker s companion Outfit of Che-Mun - is that the foreword is by Elliott Merrick, whose book, True North, is featured on Page 6.

Merrick is a hero to the Conovers and they have corresponded for years. This reviewer has always felt that epic tales of deprivation were great to read about but awful to experience.

BOOK: Snow Walker’s Companion

The satisfying objective for our canoe group is to make ourselves comfortable in unpleasant surroundings. Each time I read the book it struck me as rather condescending and dismissive of any other means of winter travel. Now, I am the last snow walker s companion to talk about being dismissive and condescending, so I will not begrudge the authors their attitude.


However, it did strike me as strange that they would insist snow walker s companion this is the most efficient and reliable means of winter travel. I would certainly understand it if the authors simple like such traditional means of transportation during winter, or if they were doing it to recreate for educational purposes winter travel in the age of Shackelton and Nansen.


I do find it perplexing however that they would snow walker s companion that in light of all of the techniques and equipment we have developed over the last century, that this is still the best form of winter travel. The most glaring reason why I found such an assertion to be a strange one is that the scope of travel afforded by the methods outlined in the book is so very limited.

In effect, if you chose to travel in the manner outlined in A Snow Walker's Companion, you immediately restrict yourself to terrain that is limited to frozen river beds and lakes.

Anything more than a ten degree incline, and travel is transformed into a snow walker s companion struggle, or outright impossible. That is not to mention travel up mountains, through densely forested areas, etc. I use the video because it was designed as an educational class developed based on the book, and had one of the authors as a member of the trip.

The video features a team traveling 62 miles km over a 10 day period. Each team member is pulling a sled loaded with an average of lb 68 kg of gear.

Now, for any modern woodsman who is familiar with winter travel, those statistics will seem ridiculous. They will be even more shocking if one watches the video and sees the struggle endured by the team over these 62 miles.

The short trip featured in the video is very similar in its factors to that completed by the authors of the book. They traveled miles km across Labrador along frozen rivers in the manner outlined in the book.