Sonnino, Roberta and Moragues Faus, Ana Sostenibilità e sicurezza alimentare: gli anelli mancanti. Agriregionieuropa 10 (36). Il Comitato scientifico consultivo del Segretario generale delle Nazioni Unite si riunisce a Trieste ( maggio). È inoltre indetta una conferenza stampa il Alimentazione e sicurezza: olio di palma, carne rossa e non solo. Tutto quello che devi sapere per una dieta sana e equilibrata.


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An example of food terrorism was the quicksilver poisoning of the Israeli Jaffa oranges by Palestinians three decades ago.

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When the news of the quicksilver poisoning came out, the scare caused was indeed considerable, especially when seen in the light of how few oranges were in fact poisoned. There can be little question that states must hold strategic food sicurezza alimentare in case of unexpected sicurezza alimentare security or food safety problems.

In modern day Sicurezza alimentare and North America this has been very successful. Food safety problems have emerged, e. But in order to guard sicurezza alimentare the unforeseen and unexpected, there must be a certain overproduction of food in case something goes wrong.

Sostenibilità e sicurezza alimentare: gli anelli mancanti

Overproduction is expensive and must sicurezza alimentare paid for, but there is no way around it. It is like an insurance premium to be paid if the worst happens - and food is sicurezza alimentare most important good humans need, apart from air and water.

To complicate matters, the overproduction of food must be disposed off and throwing food away is often considered politically incorrect in a world with many poor and starving.

Private individuals clean out old foodstuff stored in their kitchens with regular intervals, and the governments occasionally need to dispose of and renew strategic stocks stored in national food supply systems.

Some of the strategic overproduction is exported, often with subsidies from the taxpayer, and some sicurezza alimentare given as food aid to poor countries.

Helping poor nations to help themselves is better than just helping by donating stuff for consumption, except in strict famine emergencies that require urgent action.

Notizie | Autorità europea per la sicurezza alimentare

Many wise men and women will now point out that overproduction of food is not necessary and if extra food is needed it can be bought in the world markets. It is correct that limited food rarely means any food at all and the rich can always afford to eat at will. However, there is a problem with the reliability of world markets.

When food prices rose unexpectedly fast at the sicurezza alimentare of last decade, some governments put on export restrictions to keep domestic food prices down in order to assist their domestic population that was struggling to pay sicurezza alimentare daily food and could not compete with the rich westerners.

sicurezza alimentare

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In time of food panic, NATO member states cannot rely on international world markets as a reliable supplier of food. In the past, governments have often used food rationing amongst their citizens if the food supply is sicurezza alimentare.

Obviously food rationing is often supplemented by an illegal black market for those who can afford it. After all, food must not only exist, but must also be affordable and sicurezza alimentare abundant reserves keeps the price down.

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From an economic perspective it is tempting to buy food from abroad that is cheaper than sicurezza alimentare produced at home. Such economic savings must, however, be weighted against the risk of becoming sicurezza alimentare on importing strategic goods.

Trade is good, but it must be balanced with strategic intentions.


In the first years after the Second World War, Europe was a net importer of food. Today the situation is reversed and the current Sicurezza alimentare Union is a net exporter of food - and so sicurezza alimentare North America. Being a net exporter does not mean just an outward flow with export only.