Rule 1 - The Game · General. Exerting Influence on Movement of Ball or Altering Physical Conditions. Agreement to Waive Rules. Points Not. Golf is a game of rules, maintained by two pre-eminent international organizations, the There are four key changes to the Rules of Golf. Rules, when a player's ball is in play, if: (i) the player, his partner or either of their caddies. lifts or moves the ball,. Removed. Added.


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Rules of golf

The following documents are included in this app: The Full Rules and the Official Guide are designed for referees and tournament administrators, and are available after enabling Expert Mode within app Settings.

Additional resources on the Rules, including videos, rules of golf 2016 quizzes, etc. The term "Rules" can be said to include the following: Local rules set by the Committee of a golf clubfor example to denote the method used to define the boundaries rules of golf 2016 the course, ball drops, environmentally sensitive areas ESAsetc.

Rules of golf etiquettecovered by the main book, define the proper behaviour of those playing the game. Rules often adopted in competitions, for example the prohibition on using automotive transportation during a round and Rules related to Temporary Immovable Obstructions TIOs.

Etiquette[ edit ] The Rules of Golf book includes a section on proper etiquette, defining recommendations that make the game safe, enjoyable and fair for all players.

Rules of golf - Wikipedia

While none of these guidelines are enforced by penalty in and of themselves, the course rules of golf 2016 or other local "committee" may, under Ruledisqualify any player who acts in serious breach of etiquette, thereby violating the "spirit of the game". Definitions[ edit ] The rulebook also include definitions of terms used throughout the rulebook sometimes including examples of what does or does not meet a definitionand defines the use of particular words in context to clarify what is meant by the use of a word.

The rules, for instance, differentiate between use of "a" and "the" referring to objects involved in play "a ball" refers to any ball that can be used in a situation; "the ball" specifically refers to the ball previously mentioned in the Ruleor between "may" rules of golf 2016"should" non-binding recommendation and "must" binding requirement.

Where used in the Rules, the definitions of the terms are binding and must be strictly observed; players rules of golf 2016 not use a differing definition in order to include or exclude an object involved in play from a particular Rule governing the object.

Rule summary[ edit ] The numbered Rules each define a relatively large part of the game; more specific instructions are given as "sub-rules".

Rule 1 — Game — Defines the game of golf in general as playing a ball with clubs into holes according to the rules. Violation is a two-stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of the hole in match play.

Rule 2 — Match play — Defines "match play" as a rules of golf 2016 where players compete for the lowest score on each hole, and defines terms used during play. Rule 3 — Stroke play — Defines stroke play in general as a variant in which players compete to play the entire round in the fewest strokes, and defines terms.

The ball is "holed" and the hole completed the ball has rules of golf 2016 to rest within the circumference of the hole and completely below the top lip of the hole.


Slipouts, bounceouts, and other situations where the ball may fall in but not come to rest completely within the hole do not count as holing out. Rule 4 — Clubs — Clubs must conform to the specifications in Appendix II; generally, clubs must be of a "traditional form and make", and "plain in shape".

Normal wear and tear does not make a club non-conforming if rules of golf 2016 was originally conforming as long as it is fit for play. A player may not borrow a club from another person playing to substitute a damaged one, nor assemble one from any spare parts that may be carried to repair clubs.

If a club damaged rules of golf 2016 the normal course of play is unfit for play it may be replaced or repaired. Repair means to return the club to its original state. If two players are sharing clubs, the combined total clubs for both players must not exceed fourteen.

The penalty for carrying, but not using, an illegal club any non-conforming rules of golf 2016 or in excess of 14 is two strokes or loss of hole for each hole up to a maximum of two that was played while in violation.


Any club carried in violation of Rules iii or must be declared out of play to the marker or an opponent immediately upon discovery or the penalty is disqualification. Rules of golf 2016 penalty for using a non-conforming club or more than 14 different clubs to make a stroke at the ball is disqualification.

Rule 5 — Ball — Balls must conform to the specifications of Appendix III, and may be required to be on a list of pre-approved balls. Other players may dispute that a ball is unfit. Players may inspect their ball in play to determine if it is unfit without penalty, provided that they inform their fellow competitor s or the marker, mark the ball's position before lifting, do not clean the ball, and rules of golf 2016 it if it is fit for play.