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Firstly, qualitative peddler burgoyne and boydell through in-depth case studies and, secondly, a questionnaire survey. Each of the seven partner institutions has identified and conducted case study research in four organisations, producing a total of 28 case studies.

This stage has been completed and forms the basis of the results reported later in the paper.

A Manager's Guide To Self Development (ebook) by Mike Pedler |

The second stage will be a questionnaire survey of a minimum of 20 organisations in each country. The survey instrument has recently been finalised and the survey peddler burgoyne and boydell are currently being peddler burgoyne and boydell.

The survey is planned to be completed by the end of July Selection of Case Study Organisations Based on a review of the literature and suggestions from each partner institution, certain criteria were adopted in the process of selecting suitable case study organisations.

These criteria were required to operationalise the concept of 'learning orientated. The size of organisation was decided at between and 1, employees.

Organisations were also selected to represent different sectors of the economy.

A Manager's Guide To Self Development

A matrix was developed to categorise the organisations according to two variables: Each partner agreed peddler burgoyne and boydell select one organisation from each cell.

Thus, in each country the case organisations had to meet six of the 'learning orientated' criteria, employ between and 1, staff and meet the peddler burgoyne and boydell of each cell in the matrix.

Case Study Methods Each partner institution selected four organisations through a telephone interview with the HRD manager of potential and willing case study sites.


A researcher from the institution then spent time in each selected organisation. Semi-structured interviews peddler burgoyne and boydell conducted with a number of senior managers, including whoever had board responsibility for HRD policy and, in some cases, the Chief Executive; with the HRD manager; and with a number of HRD practitioner staff.

Book Reviews : The Learning Company Pedler, M., Burgoyne, J. and Boydell, T

A key element of the interviews was to ask participants to identify factors which they thought inhibited or enhanced learning and the development of a learning oriented organisation. Two open-ended questions were asked: What factors inhibit or provide obstacles to employee and organisational learning?

What factors support or facilitate employee and organisational learning? Each partner peddler burgoyne and boydell prepared reports for their own case study organisations in an agreed standard format.

A Manager's Guide to Self-development,Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne, Tom Boydell | eBay

The responses were analysed both quantitatively and qualitatively, and by both individual researchers and the Dutch project management team. The project management peddler burgoyne and boydell analysed and compared the data, which form the basis of both a formal report to the Peddler burgoyne and boydell Union and a soon to be published practitioner handbook, detailing some of the 'good practices' identified in this stage of the project.

This paper draws upon both the EU report and own our personal analyses of the findings. We now discuss the factors influencing lifelong learning in these learning-oriented organisations.


Influencing Factors Here, we report the various factors influencing learning, drawing upon the findings from, and our analysis of, the twenty-eight case studies.

First, we examine the four British case studies, and then explore factors influencing learning across the seven European countries. One finding of peddler burgoyne and boydell interest and potential significance is that the same factors could and did have both supportive and inhibiting influence.


Summary and Conclusions To summarise, based on our analysis of findings from the case study reports and overall project report of an EU-funded research project, we suggest in this paper peddler burgoyne and boydell lifelong learning is influenced by many factors, and the same factors can be expressed in both a positive and negative manner.

The key factors can be grouped into the various stakeholders that is managers, employees and HRD professionalsorganisational culture, the structure of work, and resources.

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A key finding is the changing role of the stakeholders, the attempt to develop a new learning culture, and the restructuring of work. The role of HRD practitioners seems to be one of facilitation, co-ordination and support rather than merely providing training and development. peddler burgoyne and boydell

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This is an educational role, informing and encouraging managers and other employees to consider the wider range of opportunities for, and methods of, learning and development.