A very large set of communications from spirit received over the period to by James Padgett an American lawyer. The communications were. Welcome to the reading of the Padgett Messages – the Gospel of God's Love, revealed anew by Jesus and other Celestials. After the sudden passing of his wife. This site holds the Padgett Messages only. It is intended to facilitate the study of these fabulous messages, in the precise date order in which they were received.


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It would padgett messages fair to say that although some issues are raised, overall it appears that the transcription was meticulous. Before James Padgett died, the messages were passed to a fellow attorney, Eugene Morgan, who also padgett messages mediumship skills.

Padgett Messages

padgett messages Eugene Morgan and Dr. Stone were often present when Padgett was receiving messages from spirit. Through his own will, Eugene Morgan left all of the Padgett messages, as well as his own messages, to Dr. Stone was tasked with the important job of publishing the messages.

The publishing of the Padgett messages was a daunting task as padgett messages were handwritten messages received through the gift of automatic writing.

Padgett Messages | Notes Along The Way

Padgett received thousands of these handwritten messages from Jesus, Celestial spirits, and many, many spirits of the padgett messages or darker spheres.

It is estimated that Dr. Stone never wavered in those efforts, and in he published the first volume of the Padgett message in his own name. Stone wanted to create a foundation in honor of his dear friend, but after the objection of padgett messages Padgett family, he then founded the Dr.

Stone Foundation in Because of the difficulty in receiving a tax-free status for the foundation in his own name, this led to the forming of the Foundation Church of the New Birth F.

The Padgett Messages | Spirit Messages from Jesus and other Celestials

Dr Leslie R Stone was joined by Dr. When disillusionment and despair loom, dark spirits love to get in on the act and reinforce really negative messages to us. Engaging very sincerely in prayer i. Along with this we can seeking out sources of truth on earth via the Padgett Messages, revisiting past lessons in love or big growth changes we have made in the past, talking to people who have a higher condition of love, or listening to a seminar on the issue we are struggling padgett messages.

The use of logic is very helpful in reminding ourselves of truth. So we can decide to uphold lives and actions that padgett messages truth. This will trigger us into releasing our fears and pain.

Our intellect can be a useful tool to remind ourselves of truth.


Even if the truth has not entered our souls as yet, if we remind ourselves of the Truths we have faith padgett messages, or have simply heart, we can base our actions on these.

Divide your journal page into two columns. Work your way down the page being very honest with padgett messages about your current beliefs around a certain issue. Instead of writing what you think your feelings or beliefs should be, write what you emotionally believe.

It is quite interesting; I found a couple references to The Urantia Book, both positive, and both supposedly from celestial beings.

Back in the early padgett messages of the twentieth century, the messages that were eventually to comprise The Urantia Book were beginning to be received via the "sleeping subject" in Chicago.

And it appears that inJames Padgett was also beginning to receive messages as well - supposedly from his wife who was deceased. padgett messages

It seems to me that in padgett messages years preparations were being made by our unseen friends and celestial benefactors for the right people and the right circumstances that would make the delivery of the Urantia Papers possible.