Techniques for how to use, see and study the results from navamsa d9 divisional chart, advanced analysis and interpretation of navamsa for. The Navamsa Chart of every individual would indicate the benefits & the You must follow all the rules of analysis on the D-1 chart on the D-9 chart also. That is  How to read the Navamsa. Posted on September 10, by sreenivasdesabhatla. Interpretation of navamsa chart 1. The spiritual essence of a horoscope lies in its Navamsa chart.


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The native would be indifferent for his or her spouse.

This will give you the information about, how the native behaves with his spouse in front of the whole world. Apply the 2nd and 3rd points likewise. It reflects all navamsa chart interpretation weaknesses which we have all-through but fail to acknowledge them, In other words your spouse is nothing but your own navamsa chart interpretation which you have never seen.


Couples say that we two are absolutely different personalities but they forget that they navamsa chart interpretation the different sides of the same coin. Habits which your partners have are nothing but your own subtle expectations of which you are also unaware about and all these habits can be understood deeply by analyzing the Navamsa chart.

Divorces happen because your other side of personality unknown to you when comes in front of you in the form of your spouse then it gives a big shock to you. When your own hidden negative qualities come to you through your spouse then you express SHOCK, Navamsa chart interpretation of the fact that you were already nurturing those qualities inside you for a long time.

Navamsa serves to enlighten on the cumulative effect of effort which in an astrological parameter is a unique blend of work and luck.

NAVAMSA and its hidden concepts | Nikhil’s World

As a divisional chart of an individual horoscope, navamsa is supposed to be the ninth division of a particular rashi or sign, in which each division can be further navamsa chart interpretation into three degrees and twenty minutes. Planets of an individual horoscope fall into various signs and the respective navamsa of each is determined in respect of navamsa chart interpretation due occupancy.

In other words the signs occupied by various planets influence their respective navamsa. The sub-divisions of a planetary sign the sign inhabited by a given planet have a direct collocation with various phases of his life which in turn has a direct bearing on his spiritual character.

Certain underlying principles guide the interpretation of Navamsa. The nine fold divisions are guided by different lords.

Navamsa and Astrological predictions

The lords of first, fourth and seventh navamsa are of divine significance. The navamsa chart interpretation of second, fifth and eighth denote spiritual reputation and kindness; whereas the lords of third, sixth and ninth are demonic in significance.

Each zodiac rashi or sign has two Pushkara navamsa. On the other hand, the rising Ascendant Navamsa chart interpretation Lagna, its lord and the third house have direct connection with the elements of patience and endurance.


Similarly, the rising lord, navamsa chart interpretation seventh house and its lord, Venus and its friendly bodies have navamsa chart interpretation direct bearing on ones better half.

The third house and is lords are associated with overseas settlement and disease. The combined features of the third, seventh, ninth and the twelfth house together with the respective placement of their lords signify overseas travel.

Techniques to use navamsa for prediction, how to study navamsa D9 chart

The planet of the ascending sign and its lord should not ideally occupy the sixth, eighth and twelfth places in a Navamsa. The given locations make for their afflictions leading to anxieties navamsa chart interpretation trouble during their tenureship.

Planets weakly positioned in natal chart but heightened in Navamsa are supposed to produce favorable results.