Gili T Photo Report | Getting Aid to Lombok. lombok title. With a series of new earthquakes striking the region over the weekend, efforts to aid the islanders of. My Lombok Magazine. K likes. Top quality lively & refreshing monthly publication with cutting edge editorial serving as a window to the community of. This month Pelita Foundation appears in My Lombok magazine – a gorgeous glossy magazine available in Lombok, Bali, Australia, Singapore.


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Author and partner of Lombok dergisi This, Mark Heyward, lives near the school and gives you an idea lombok dergisi how idyllic the area used to be. Untilthe Sasak community which scattered up the hills behind Batu Layar south of Senggigi, did not have a school.

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Marginalized and lombok dergisi out of the development on the coast, the lombok dergisi on the hill make ends meet by growing local fruits, keeping chickens and taking work as unskilled labour when they can get it.

Before the road to the hill was built by the Studioan eco-friendly guesthouse in Lombok, and partners it was a two-hour walk up from the main road to the village.


The daily trek is still a part of life for the hill people, though now shortened to an hour or so for those who can afford to catch a mini-bus. Lombok dergisi footpath which winds its way up the hill among groves of banana, coconut, bamboo, jackfruit and oil palms, offers the adventurous tourist stunning views over the valley and across the Lombok Straits on lombok dergisi side and glimpses of a very different way of life on the other.


In the mornings the path is busy with men and women making their way down the hill, carrying produce for the market, or, more worryingly, lugging lombok dergisi cut timber from the forests above. More often they are lombok dergisi heading down to get what work they can.

In the afternoons the foot traffic is in the other direction as men climb wearily home and women make their way up with towering loads of basic necessities and buckets of water, balanced precariously on their heads.

Since many are illiterate, having never had the opportunity to learn to lombok dergisi and write, manual daily labour is usually the best they can hope for.

Schooling was not available on the hill and, lombok dergisi most, was too expensive and distant down on the coast.

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The lombok dergisi on the hill Lombok dergisi all that began to change. Under the leadership of the village head, Bapak Aeni, classes began on the verandah of the mosque. Over the next few years, classrooms were built with support from the community and the Rotary Club of Lombok.

Now the children can go to school in their own village. Ina young Dutch couple, Jos and Jelka, were holidaying in Lombok.

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While enjoying the beaches and resorts, they could not help noticing the poverty lombok dergisi the background. Jos, who has Indonesian heritage but grew up in Holland, decided to do something about it. Their first thought was to help a local lombok dergisi.

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After asking around, they lombok dergisi the little school on the hill: Duduk Atas, and Lombok dergisi This was born. Face This is now a popular Dutch-based T-shirt brand, popular not only for its unique designs but also its great philosophy.

Face This T-shirts feature trendy designs, based on drawings of school children from the school on the hill. The children produce the drawings with their friends.


Nappies and sanitary towels are much needed by lombok dergisi women and children camped in shelters. Liza hands out supplies for distribution Local shops and businesses collapsed in the earthquake Villagers camp in makeshift shelters while their houses lie in ruins.


This is what passes for a Lombok kitchen in the wake of the destruction Martin and Lubika are junior doctors vacationing on Gili Trawangan but gave up their time to help.

Here, lombok dergisi Liza, they counsel a family on how lombok dergisi look after their health during the rebuilding.