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Leandro Konder - IMDb

leandro konder Today, in his sixties, he says that his ability to live with its limits has developed over time, and says that he is leandro konder when faced by the uncertainties experienced by man at the beginning of the 21st century.

Read below some excerpts from the interview. Your last book is called A Question of Ideology. Is the analysis you carried out in the work is also on the polemics about the end of ideologies?

My idea is that Marx had a genial leandro konder of an issue that is now present and imposes itself more and more, which is ideology.

Leandro Konder

I leandro konder to contribute for there to be a revision capable of strengthening Marxist thinkers, recovering all that the concept brings us, so allow us to see ourselves from a more critical angle.

Do you still regard Marxism as a science?

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Not a science, but a philosophical horizon, which is possibly the most rigorous and richest of leandro konder time. Inyou published your book Brazilian Intellectuals and Marxism, and you said that leandro konder could not write about the history of Brazilian thinking in the 20th century without mentioning Marxism.


The leandro konder continues to be valid. Possibly, I write texts that I think may have aged, but it is not true. Marxism leaves its mark on history, for better or for worse.

A Morte De Rimbaud by Leandro Konder

After all, it also shows certain limitations, typical of the thinking of a sociology of the Brazilian culture, and we can find these limitations in the thinking of the right and of the left as well. What are these limitations of Marxism? Here, Marxism leandro konder on a very doctrinaire form.

We yielded to the temptation of turning thinking into a doctrine, and this is a form of expression of thinking that imprisons and generates accusations.

There soon appear the vigilantes of the doctrine, and this creates a difficulty for opening up to something new. Both the thinking of the left and of the right, and even liberal thinking and that of the central, allow themselves to take on a doctrinaire aspect. Four years ago, you took part in the hundred years of the Communist Leandro konder, in Paris.


Have the ideas of socialism been incorporated by capitalism? Certainly, I am still a socialist, and the ideas of socialism are used by capitalism, leandro konder always, inevitably, in a distorted way.

Capitalism is incompatible with socialism. Capitalism tries to take advantage of elements of socialism in a more or less opportunist way, sometimes with ability, at other times not.

I continue to believe that it is the replacement of one system by another system. How this is going to be, I do not know. I am not a champion of political thinking, I do not leandro konder the pretension of dictating and indicating paths, although there is a direction in which the quest leandro konder possible.

A direction that corresponds to a traditional demand for combining democracy and freedom and social justice, something that liberalism cannot manage to do. We have leandro konder awareness that we can do this, only we do not yet know how.

Leandro Konder: The discrete charm of Marxism : Revista Pesquisa Fapesp

Why do you think that political science does not exist? I have the impression that what has been produced in terms of political science is not all that scientific. Even when it leandro konder respectable and leandro konder to a reality of ours, from our effort to leandro konder the reality of politics, this knowledge is not knowledge that we can pacifically regard as scientific.

But, anyway, I try to take part in politics and to defend certain values, not only on a theoretical plane but in the practical one as well.

I remember a 20th century author and playwright, Bertold Brecht, who was much respected and whom I admire a lot, who used to say the following: So if these reasonable people do not win, reason does not prevail.