Class convenes with plate tectonics and, before the final bell is rung, Michener doles out nearly pages of Alaskan history in candy-coated. In a novel almost as magnificent as its subject matter, Michener tells the engrossing story of Alaska (derived from the Aleut word “Alyeska” meaning “great land”. Alaska By James A. Michener Illustrated. pages. Random House. $ Somewhere toward the end of James A. Michener's latest huge.


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With his trademark brand of pedagogy, Michener steers his characters through: The territory offers inherent drama the treatment of Aleuts by Russia is a story as ugly as james michener alaska in james michener alaska history of colonialismand Michener has unearthed some fascinating episodes a mile midwinter bicycle trip along the frozen surface of the Yukon River; the New Deal resettlement of midwestern farmers in Alaska's Matanuska Valleybut the material never becomes convincing fiction--all the seams show.


The most remarkable of Michener's people are women, who dominate the book by their strength and desire to transcend mere survival.

They are creations not of a poetic vision but of circumstances james michener alaska which people must be self-reliant or perish.

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One Aleut woman, Cidaq, is one of the novel's strongest characters. Inthe Russians captured the Aleuts on Lapak Island, taking the men away to hunt james michener alaska otters and leaving the women to survive as james michener alaska as they could.

The women learn to use the kayak and harpoon, and put off to sea, where they manage to kill a ton whale.

Alaska by James A. Michener |

James michener alaska plot follows Matriarch and her family, as they encounter man for the first time. People of the North[ edit ] The reader meets some of the early Eskimosparticularly a man named Oogruk and his family.

The chapter details the hunting of a whale as well as the beginning of james michener alaska sea otters for fur by the Russians. The Explorers[ edit ] This chapter tells of the early exploration of Alaska along with Russia's first encounters with the native peoples, including the brutal slaughter of many native people and sea otters.

Alaska by James A. Michener

The Duel[ edit ] The duel referred to in the chapter's title is the one between james michener alaska shamanism of the native people and the Christianity of the Russian settlers. After the men from one tribe are taken away to aid in hunting, the women and babies are left to fend for themselves.

They learn to pilot kayaks, something that had been forbidden to them, and ultimately harpoon a small whale to ensure their survival. After the Russians return, a girl james michener alaska Cidaq is "purchased" and taken to Kodiak Islandbut not before she is brutally abused by one sailor in particular.

Alaska (novel) - Wikipedia

On Kodiak, she consults with a shaman and his mummy and decides to seek revenge upon this man by converting to Christianity to marry him when he returns to Kodiak, believing that she can humiliate him by refusing to marry him at the last moment.

However, she goes through with james michener alaska wedding and becomes a battered wife. A priest on Kodiak falls in love with her, and after her husband is killed by a great tidal wave, Cidaq rechristened Sofia marries the james michener alaska, who changes his relationship with the church to become the kind of priest who can marry.

At the end of the chapter, Michener states that Christianity won over shamanism, but in the process, the population of native people dwindled from more than 18, to fewer than 1, Michener writes with a clear, simple style.

He weaves characters together with such deftness that the reader never questions the occasional use deus ex machina or coincidence to further the greater story.

Thankfully, Michener is not overly wordy, else his thousand page stories would be double or treble their length. Instead, he is concise and not james michener alaska verbose, describing places, events, and settings with a few words before entering it into the grand positions.


Any book titled with the name of a place should be valued at how well it either explains or entices the reader into learning more james michener alaska, or visiting said place.