Bidisha explores some of the themes and preoccupations of Jamaica Inn, from violence and the supernatural to love and desire. Summaries. Set in Cornwall where a young orphan, Mary, is sent to live with Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss who are the landlords of the Jamaica Inn. Mary soon realizes that her uncle's inn is the base of a gang of ship wreckers who lure ships to their doom on the rocky coast. Jamaica Inn was one of the few I'd not yet got around to, but the . character and plot, her enviable skill as a storyteller – I think it was precisely.


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Francis Davey, the Vicar, pictures a future for Mary as his companion, going jamaica inn summary him to strange, far off countries and forgetting everything that has happened to her of late.

Mary has no choice, so she has to follow him.

Jamaica Inn Summary & Study Guide

But when they envelope in a thick fog, so that they cannot continue their way, they have to spend the night on Roughtor.

When dawn breaks they discover that they have been followed by Jem Merlyn and jamaica inn summary Squire and his men. The Vicar is killed and Mary is rescued.


Mary stays with the Squire and his wife for some time. Just when she wants to return to Helson to build up a new future there, she meets Jem Merlyn jamaica inn summary more.

When he puts before her the choice between the routine, quiet life at Helston jamaica inn summary following him on his wanderings, she decides to take the risk and follow the one she really loves: My own opinion about the book: I like this book very much, especially because the outcome is very suprising.


Jem and Mary have made their escape in a row boat to a cave along the shoreline below the inn, where they slept. Mary wakes first, decides she no longer wants jamaica inn summary be with an outlaw, and prepares to row away in the rowboat.

Jem wakes, attempts to stop Mary, and, distracted by their arguing, the row boat jamaica inn summary off the shore and floats away leaving both of them stranded in the cave.


Unfortunately, their small row boat is spotted by the thieves, who know about the cave and figure jamaica inn summary where they are. That cave can be reached from the top of the bluff by a small hole, so the thieves prepare to go down the small hole to reach the pair, and jamaica inn summary for a larger boat to come.

Slipping into the water, the pair hides behind a rock near the surf zone some distance from the cave as the thieves' boat passes by.


They eventually make their way to jamaica inn summary, where Mary suggests they flee to the squire's home for assistance. At the squire's house, Mary is led away to be given dry clothes. When she has gone, Jem reveals to Sir Jamaica inn summary that he is actually a lawman, an officer in the Royal Navy, who has been dispatched to uncover the thieves and bring them to justice.

He suspects that there is another man behind the capers, someone who is sending the thieves information about what ships to lure and jamaica inn summary what time, but he hasn't learned who that is.

The squire furnishes Jem with officer's clothes, and offers to help directly, as he is the ranking magistrate in the area. Mary follows, hoping to learn something she can use to see Joss arrested for his crimes, but only becomes lost.

Book Club Discussion: Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier - mirandasnotebook

Mary runs into Francis Davey, the vicar of Altarnun, on the road and he takes her home to feed her before returning her to Jamaica Inn. Mary confides her story in Mr.

Davey, but he tells her she does not know enough to go to the law about Joss's activities. Davey promises to jamaica inn summary her any time she jamaica inn summary in need.

About this same time, Mary meets Jem Merlyn, Joss's younger brother.

Mary's immediate impression is that Jem is just like his jamaica inn summary. However, when Mary meets Jem again at his family home, she begins to see differences between the two men.

Jamaica Inn: No place for a girl

Mary agrees to go to a fair on Christmas Eve with Jem. While there, Jem sells some ponies he has raised, including one he claims jamaica inn summary have stolen from Squire Bassat's farm. This horse, Jem ironically sells to Squire Bassat's wife.

Mary and Jem spend the rest of the day happily together. Jamaica inn summary, when Jem goes to get his buggy to take Mary home, he disappears.