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There was no discussion of the bombers or insciallah fallaci they might be…no additional talk of the Americans or French…it was just a focus on the remaining Italian mission.


We see the Italian servicemen…with names such as Pistoria, Falcon, Condor, Crazy Horse, Sugar, Rambo, Gigi the Candid, the Professor, Eagle, and the like… get a blow-up female to make up for their lack of female company, make contact with and become infatuated with insciallah fallaci group of nuns, drive their M armored personnel carrier into a ravine, divide their few forces over too many guard towers to safely protect, have affairs with various street women, negotiate with a 14 year old who carries a Kalashnikov AK, and every once in a while do actual military things.

All-in-all her narrative seemed to make the Italians out insciallah fallaci be buffoons.

Insciallah by Oriana Fallaci (2 star ratings)

Weighing in at just about pages, the narrative was overblown and not very interesting. Angelo's officer finds out insciallah fallaci news, and tells Angelo who is shattered.

Angelo again vows revenge, and whilst on guard duty he encounters Passepartout who is wearing Gino's bersaglieri helmet. Through a discussion, Angelo forgives Passepartout for killing his friend as he is only a child, but then rather than running away Passepartout attempts to sell Angelo an anchor shaped cross with the Insciallah fallaci Mary on it.

Angelo recognizes that this was the cross that he had given Ninette. In a fit of rage Angelo realizes that Passepartout killed not only his friend, but his lover, and Angelo kills Passepartout.

Insciallah fallaci finds out that an Italian killed his lover, Passepartout, and vows vengeance. He plans a suicided bombing against the Italian's boats as they plan to leave. The Italian commanders struggle to strike a deal with the Shi'ite militia to avert catastrophe.

Angelo discovers by chance in a magazine that Ninette was really an elegant Lebanese woman named Natalia Narakat who had been married to an assassinated political leader, who looked quite a bit like Angelo which is what insciallah fallaci her to him in the first place.

In the interview she states that the meaning of life is contained in the word "in sha Allah"-- "as God wills"—there is no rationality, no way to predict the future, just a series of events that are all interlocking but completely incomprehensible when viewed above from human eyes.

Angelo is deeply moved and abandons his quest to formulate life in mathematical terms.

Insciallah by Fallaci, Oriana

insciallah fallaci The French nuns who quartered the Italian troops are raped and murdered by Shi'ite militiamen, who desecrate their church. The novel ends with the Italians departing after striking a deal with a Shi'ite cleric for their safety in exchange for supplies.

The Shi'ite promise insciallah fallaci give the alcohol and pork to Christian Lebanese, but instead they destroy it.

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In the final scene Angelo looks across the prow of the boat and sees Rashid's motorboat speeding towards the Italian convoy. Themes[ edit ] Boltzmann 's equation for entropy is heavily featured in the book, insciallah fallaci as a mathematical insciallah fallaci for the seemingly irrational chaos enfolding in Beirut.


Mathematics are also heavily discussed throughout the book. In the end they are discredited by a single word-- "In sha Insciallah fallaci God Wills" which Ninette states is the very essence of our complex and irrational lives.


The characters of Bilal and Captain Ghassan represent the division of Lebanon. Bilal insciallah fallaci a poor, semi-literate Shi'ite street sweeper who has eight children, whereas Ghassan is a wealthy Christian medical student turned officer with two children. Bilal fights for the creation of an Islamic state, whereas Ghassan was insciallah fallaci into the conflict after the murder of his father by Muslim extremists who then razed his family's seaside villa.

Ghassan eventually kills Bilal. The irrationality of the conflict in Lebanon is expounded upon. Change and the impact of seemingly unimportant events also feature heavily in the story.

For example, Italian soldiers purchasing an inflatable sex doll drastically alters the course of events.