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To maintain community spirit, we must reverse the rise in inequality. Education helps us to value and understand diversity.

Kansainvälinen tutkimushanke - Valtioneuvoston kanslia

Appreciating diversity and converting it into inspiration is a precondition for sustainable growth. We must make use of and highly value the activities of senior citizens within civic society. We need a strong view of interaction between generations, himanen tulevaisuusselonteko a sense of community.

We must take care of maintaining and deepening trust between citizens himanen tulevaisuusselonteko the various actors in society.

Sustainable growth model report published

A clear division of responsibilities and common rules will increase such trust. In a digital economy, the division of labour between citizens, local authorities and the government himanen tulevaisuusselonteko be revised and redefined. The project steering group will comment the research group's himanen tulevaisuusselonteko in October and after that the research group will finalise the research report.

In addition to the Finnish model, the models studied include the Silicon Valley model, the state-led development model of China, the welfare model of Europe and the development models of Chile and South Africa. Final report to be published abroad later Himanen tulevaisuusselonteko final report published today is a translation into Finnish of the original report in English to be published by Oxford University Press in spring In parallel with the foresight report, a research project carried out by an international research group analyses changes in the world economy and ways to promote sustainable growth.

Members of the group of researchers include professors Manual Castells and Pekka Himanen. New ways to participate in the foresight report The Government foresight report is being prepared in a participatory, transparent manner. To benefit from future opportunities, we need a broad-based, general and open debate on our future choices, taking account of economic, social and ecological himanen tulevaisuusselonteko.

Sustainable growth model report published - Article - Valtioneuvosto

Different aspects of sustainable development must be integrated equitably at all levels of decision-making, taking broader account of the impacts of various decisions.

The digital economy will enable of all kinds of enterprises and organisations to operate in new ways. For Finland to become the best place in the world in which responsible enterprises can invest in their operations and operate globally, himanen tulevaisuusselonteko must invest in digital and physical infrastructure, and security and stability.

A new alliance of work, learning and himanen tulevaisuusselonteko Finland has every chance of creating new jobs and increasing demand for labour in the future. Throughout various life stages, different periods of working and learning must intermesh and alternate much more flexibly and efficiently than at present, in order to himanen tulevaisuusselonteko the availability of work.


The labour markets, education and social security systems must create a sound basis, on which everyone can make a socially sustainable contribution according to their personal abilities.

Our young people are the builders of our future and success. Focus on leading development models in various areas In addition to comprehensive theoretical considerations, the international research himanen tulevaisuusselonteko has studied leading development models of different areas and their development goals over a longer time span than the current period himanen tulevaisuusselonteko by the economic crisis.

The case studies selected to the final report represent growth models from all over the world.