Art books- Reverse glass painting is a fascinating unknown facet of Indian art. Created by Chinese & Indian artists,'exotic' paintings in luminous colors. The Glass Painting by Jan Alexander - book cover, description, publication history. Glass Painting Kit - Buy Online - Discover Exclusive Offers and Fantastic Savings on Thousands of Products at Book People.


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She has been teaching the art for more than twenty-five years and has received a number of awards for her work.

Modern African Art : A Basic Reading List

Its North African origins, its subversive hagiography of Islamic marabous of the outlawed brotherhoods, its fidelity to Senegalese folklore and foibles, its fondness for portraiture -- all this and more are captured here in glass painting books and text.

Text in English and French. Attractive exhibition catalog of the increasingly popular Senegalese glass paintings with essays by Carl Brasseaux on the Senegambian-Louisiana connection and another by Maurice Dedieu, whose personal collection was exhibited. In this essay, "Africa under glass: But soon it became a true glass painting books passion.

Learn Glass Painting with J. Kenneth Leap: Bibliography

He relives that moment of encounter, then discusses the artists' techniques and the history and spread of the genre. He classifies the main themes depicted in the Glass painting books glass paintings as religious Koranic, marabout brotherhoods, mystical and secular historical figures, buffoons, moralistic, everyday life.

I remember thinking - what a great beginning textbook for a student. No photos but lots glass painting books clear illustrative drawings of the core skills. Good detail on glass cutting and leading highlighting those little overlooked steps like striking the edge with another piece of glass.

This is a crucial step I like to teach in a painting workshop because it can significantly prolong the life of your paint brushes.

It goes on to cover everything.

The Glass Painting

His voice is present in this text. As to practical information for the glass painter it's hard to choose between this text and Albinas'.


The cover is atrocious and without Dick Mallard's name as the author I would have overlooked this on the used book pile. Yes like many of the books on my list it glass painting books out of print. My paperback copy has a detached cover and the former owner added lots of notes in the margins.

The Complete Stained Glass Course: I bought it out of glass painting books when I saw it listed on Amazon. The fact that it actually featured a painted panel on the cover gave me hope that it might be more than another hobbyist text.

Regrettably it's not even close to the triumvirate of Elskus, Reyntiens and Mallard. You see I remember the day I decided to quit my office glass painting books and take up stained glass painting. Back then — 11 years ago now — I was a business analyst for a huge insurance firm in City of London.

Yes, and hungry for adventure!