Gabion definition, a cylinder of wickerwork filled with earth, used as a military defense. See more. Rectangular containers made of heavy galvanized wire. Gabions can be wired together, and then filled with stones to make quick retaining walls. Steel wire-mesh basket to hold stones or crushed rock to protect abank or bottom from erosion. Structures composed of masses of rocks, rubble or masonry held.


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Gabion | Definition of gabion in English by Oxford Dictionaries

The facing block 9 gabion definition have embedded mountings on the intermediate members 12 to attach the face cover This face cover 19 adds an additional gabion definition to the facing wall 2. This might be useful where, for example, a walking surface was desired or where the surface was planned with a different material than the supporting flat elements 11 and intermediate elements The characteristics of the intermediate members 12, face covers gabion definition and flat elements 11, may be varied for providing various benefits such as support, cleaning, fertilizing, shock absorption, noise reduction, etc.


Another feature of the gabion facing elements described in the preferred embodiment is that the flat elements 11 define openings 16 within the flat element 11 itself and notches 17 at the edges of the flat element 11 to allowing for drainage from the interior 13 of the gabion basket 1.

Where the tolerance is sufficiently close, the notches 17 and openings 16 may extend to the corners of the intermediate members 12 so that drainage would be through these spaces cut between the intermediate members 12 and the enclosed wire mesh.

The gabion system described herein may have the facing wall 2 or separator wall 7 attached by way of spiral binders 18 to the left side wall 3, right side wall 4, and bottom wall 6.

By removing these binders 18 gabion definition the facing wall 2, the facing elements 9 may be serviced or replaced. It can be seen from this description that the invention may be practiced having specialized gabion baskets 1 only on the outermost layer of a gabion system.

It can be seen that although a typical gabion basket 1 fully encloses the ballast, the present system requires only a basket 1 with at least 3 sides for containing ballast having a separator means comprising at least one separator wall 7 insertable between and parallel to at least one facing means 9 which is preferably a permeable gabion definition made up of substantially flat elements Openings 16 allow for water flow through the facing means and notches 17 around the perimeter of the flat elements 11 allow drainage between the flat elements Typically, these flat elements 11 comprise a block of suitable material such as double wall-concrete block of dimensions to allow it to be fit within the chamber 8 formed by the facing wall 2 and separator wall elements 7.

US5636938A - Gabion system - Google Patents

A variety of materials may be used for the facing means 9 such as concrete, plastic, wood, brick, tiles, etc. Further, the flat element gabion definition, intermediate members 12 and face covers 19 may be made of different materials suitable to the particular function or aesthetics of the element in question.

It is possible to take advantage of any materials, such as wood strips, to create the desired appearance and strength characteristics of the flat elements 11, intermediate members 12 and face covers The intermediate members 12 may be replaced partially with a casting compound gabion definition as glue, concrete, asphalt or other pasting or solidifying compound in order to provide a face cover 19 or to seal the face cover 19 to the flat elements The facing means 9 may be comprised of mounting material such as double wall concrete block fitting within the double wire chamber 8 having measurements of, for example, 6 inches by 12 inches.

The facing means 9 could also be a solid slab of concrete, plastic, wood or other suitable material of the same size as the portion of the face covered, typically 3 feet by 3 feet for a standard gabion basket that has faces measuring 3 feet by 3 feet.

Since some expansion and contraction is present, to prevent cracking of the facing means 9 the use of several separate elements 11 or elements 11 joined with a flexible bonding material such as asphalt is desirable.

Gabion - Wikipedia

The 6 gabion definition by 12 inch blocks may be replaced with a solid slab of 3 feet by 3 feet for a standard gabion basket 1 if gabion definition is not a problem with the material used. Where a face cover 19 is used, the thickness of the face cover 19 is determined by questions of cost and function.

During their design, as a gabion definition of thumb Datta,the bottom width of a gabion wall is kept equal to 21 3rd of the height of the wall, which tapers off upwards. Andrawes, 5 Restoring Streams in Cities: A porous metal cylinder filled with stones and used in a variety of civil engineering contexts, especially in the construction of retaining walls, the reinforcing of steep slopes, or in the prevention of erosion in river banks.

Sincewe've taken great pride in our commitment to gabion definition a one-source distributor specializing in mesh and fencing.


We keep an extensive inventory and we can special order items from many different mills. For erosion control, caged riprap is used.


Spanish works were frequently held for a few minutes, gabions thrown down, gabion definition guns overturned, but after doing as much damage as they could the assailants had to fall back again to the town, being unable to resist the masses of pikemen brought up against them.

Then, rapidly turning the gabion definition of the trenches, they prepared to hold the ground they had taken.