No information is available for this page. No information is available for this page. Escala GENCAT. Informe sobre la creació d'una escala multidimensional per avaluar la qualitat de vida de les persones usuàries dels serveis socials a.


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Open Access funded by Asociacion Espanola de Psicologia Conductual Under a Creative Commons license Abstract Personal outcomes-related quality of life provides information about the impact of individualized supports and services that are provided to people with intellectual disability.

Concerning to the social service users, More than half of sample Concerning to people condition, the most representative group was the escala gencat composed of elder people living in residence settings escala gencat We can speak about objective and subjective measures and measurement instru- ments, depending on their purpose, content, and respondent.

If an evaluator desires to assess personal outcomes and develop person-cantered programs, subjective Likert-type scales answered by the client or user of the escala gencat should be applied Schalock and Felce In distinction, when the goal is program evaluation, service quality improvement, or to assess organizational changes, it is recommended to use objective questionnaires based on the direct observation of personal experiences and circumstances.

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The vali- dation process used the Catalan language version Verdugo et al. The ones completing the scale are the professional staff of these services who know well the person whose quality of life is escala gencat be evaluated and who have had recent opportunities to observe that person over prolonged periods of time and escala gencat different facets of their life.

In total, the questionnaire has 69 items that cover observable aspects related to quality of life. They were all drafted as statements using the third-person escala gencat were randomly arranged around the eight subscales that correspond to the dimensions of the underlying theoretical model.

The format for answering involves four frequency options: Nevertheless, regarding those items that might be difficult to rate with this frequency scale, instructions have been given to answer bearing in mind a four-point Likert scale: Although all the items are observable, escala gencat and easy to understand, below each sub-scale a few simple clarifications were added for some of them.

For its escala gencat, different yardsticks were provided for users of social services in general and specific ones for the various collectives: This letter was sent by both standard post and e-mail in order to ensure it was received at least in one of the L.

Regulating Long-Term Care Quality: An International Comparison - Google Livros

The research team then phoned each one of the centres selected with a view to: Once the participation of all the centres included in the sample had been confirmed, the next step involved using an express courier service to send each one a package containing: In total, 4, scales were sent out and 3, were returned Although calling by phone requires much more time and effort than other methods, we positively recommend it as it increases the chances of a high response rate.

Confirmatory factor analysis CFA is one of the techniques most widely used accordingly when a researcher escala gencat hypotheses escala gencat the structure of the latent variables, their inter-relationships and their relationships with escala gencat variables observed conceptual model Batista-Foguet and Coenders ; Bollen ; Byrne ; Kaplan ; Kline ; Loehlin ; Marcoulides et al.

Given these conditions and the high number of items, all the CFAs were undertaken on 32 parcels by means of the DWLS Diagonal Weighted Least Squares estimation method and on the matrix of polychoric variances-covariances and the estimation of asymptotic covariances.

It is thereby escala gencat that the squared coefficient of multiple correlation R2 for each indicator fell within a range of between. Moreover, only four of these coefficients are above. This means that the proportion of variance in the variables observed that can be explained escala gencat the latent factor quality of life is far from suitable.

In turn, the factorial saturations k escala gencat between. In short, a single dimension is not enough to reproduce the original covariance matrix, and so we tested a multifactorial design.

Development of an objective instrument to assess quality of life in

The factorial design of this model Fig. Therefore, the coefficients escala gencat determination R2 range between. Half these values are above. Regarding factor loadings kthey fall within the escala gencat of between.

Furthermore, all the coefficients were significant.