An ebook is an ePub file — a website in a box. Why is a PDF not an ebook? . independent publisher can upload a PDF for sale are Amazon (and they discourage it As I recall the PDF was the first ebook, way back when. AlphaTales: Alphabet Set. Grades PreK-1 • eBook. Rating. $ LIST PRICE $ YOU SAVE $ (35%). ADD PDF TO CART. SAVE TO WISHLIST SAVED. Improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts with the books in this category. For example, learn Premium Free PDF English Pages (56 reviews) . In this ebook, we will discuss Content Marketing. Read more.


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There are three types, full order form, just buy button that you can style or a direct order link. You go to the post or page where you want to insert the order form or button and paste the shortcode on ebook pdf sales desired position.

Selling Ebooks and PDF Stamping

Once you visit the ebook pdf sales you will see the form or button you created. This is what your customers will see and they can start order with a single click and then pay via PayPal or Stripe. In case you use WooCommerce integration, you can use all available payment methods suppored by WooCommerce.

Once order is completed, users will see a dedicated thank you page that the plugin created and ebook pdf sales can modify or if you use WooCommerce integration, they can access their downloads from their order confirmation page.

20 Websites to Sell Your eBook - Best of

Optional e-mail will be sent with the ebook s as attachments, watermarked and password protected. The password is available on the order confirmation page and the email delivery.

If you use WooCommerce integration ebook pdf sales the Pro version: Upload all ebook files and set a title and price. Go to the new Ebook Store tab in the product editing screen and select the ebook store ebook you just created.

Save and once someone buys that WooCommerce product, on the order confirmation ebook pdf sales they will see Downloads section with all ebook formats and the password s if encryption is enabled.

Using E-junkie Features

FAQ Getting started is really easy and just takes a few minutes, no coding skills required. What is the flow?


ebook pdf sales How do I use this? Is there a quick guide? You install the plugin. You fill in title, description, cover image and upload ebook formats. Payspree lets you list only one item for free.

20 Websites to Sell and Publish Your eBooks

PayLoadz PayLoads also offers great tools to host your ebooks and sell ebook pdf sales online. You will get encrypted download page, shareable buttons, ebooks listed in eBay auctions and affiliate program.

E-junkie Another ebook pdf sales service to host your ebooks and it does all the hard work of selling them for you. You can create a sales page for your ebooks and use power tools like multiple payments support, affiliate programs, protected storage, discount offers, manage inventory, create packages, Google Analytics and more.

Ebook Store |

E-Junkie charges fixed monthly payment based on your needs. It also offers 15 free tools to manage and customize your space, including slogan generator, logo maker, wallpapers and banner maker, etc.

Feiyr Feiyr is a paid promotion service for ebooks and music. Your file's original User read-only password should ebook pdf sales be retained if it also has a Master password, but this may not be possible with all PDFs due to varying implementations of the PDF specification see also Adding a read-only password below.

This can be an arbitrary password you specify that would be the same for every Stamped copy of your PDF, or you can have the Stamper apply the order's Transaction ID as a unique password for each buyer's copy of your Ebook pdf sales.

20 Websites to Sell and Publish Your eBooks

ebook pdf sales This would replace your original file's User password if it has one. Bear in mind that a User password mostly just inconveniences legitimate buyers while being rather ineffective as a security measure when you're issuing the password with the file, since anyone who wants to share their file would also commonly share the password along with it.

It's like ebook pdf sales a padlock on something but leaving the key right there in the lock. However, in the rare case where someone might share their file and forget to include the password with that, at least that ebook pdf sales copy would be unopenable without the password.