The history of the contemporary DC Comics universe goes far back in the past, or rather, into the s, and has undergone a number of development stages in. What is known today as DC Comics was founded in by publishing entrepreneur Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson under the name of "National Allied Publications". DC was formed by the merging of "National Allied Publications" and "Detective Comics Inc", as well as the affiliated "All-American Publications". Corporate history. Pulp writer Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded National Allied Publications in For much of its history, the company was colloquially known as DC Comics, but it did not officially adopt that name until


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History of DC Comics

Interestingly, the size of this publication would come to represent the comic book standard that period fans and historians would come to call the Golden Age of Comic Books. Notably, New Comics 1 would run dc comics history a very long time, and prove to be a major part of the history of DC Comics.

It would dc comics history evolve into Adventure Comics, which continued for almost 50 years with its last issue being published in as issue This means that Adventure Comics is one of the longest running comic series of all time.


It proved to be so popular that in DC decided to rejuvenate the series with a new line of Adventure Comics with its own original numbering.

The third and final title that Wheeler-Nicholson would give the National Allied Publications was Detective Comics, which had a cover date of Dc comics historybut was postponed until March This anthology series would cover exactly what you might imagine, acts of crime that were solved dc comics history a serialized and anthology like manner.

The History of The DC Comics Universe

One particular character debuted in issue 27 of Detective Comics in Maythat character being the one and only Batman. However, by this point Wheeler-Nicholson had left due to mounting debt issues. In order to recount from the growing financial pressure, Wheeler-Nicholson had to take on comics peer Harry Donenfield as a partner in order to even get dc comics history first issue of Detective Comics out the door.

These titles, all with dc comics history issues, included Sgt.

The History Of DC Comics

In June, the first Tim Burton directed Batman movie was released, and DC began publishing its hardcover series of DC Archive Editionscollections of many of their early, dc comics history comics series, featuring rare and expensive stories unseen by many dc comics history fans.

These collections attempted to retroactively credit many of the writers and artists who had worked without much recognition for DC during the early period of comics when individual credits were few and far between. The comics industry experienced a brief boom in the early s, thanks to a combination of speculative purchasing mass purchase of the books as collectible items, with intent to resell at a higher value as the rising value of older issues, was thought to imply that all comics would rise dramatically in price and several storylines which gained attention from the mainstream media.


DC's extended storylines in which Superman was killedBatman was crippled and superhero Green Lantern turned into the supervillain Parallax resulted in dramatically increased sales, but the increases were as temporary as the hero's replacements.

Sales dropped off as the industry went into a major slump, while manufactured "collectables" numbering in the millions dc comics history quality with quantity until fans and speculators alike deserted the medium in droves.

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DC's Piranha Press and other imprints including the mature readers line Vertigoand Dc comics historya short-lived science fiction imprint were introduced to facilitate compartmentalized diversification and allow for specialized marketing of individual product lines.

They increased the use of non-traditional contractual arrangements, including the dramatic rise dc comics history creator-owned projects, leading to a significant increase in critically lauded work much of it for Vertigo and the licensing of material from other companies.

DC Comics (Publisher) - Comic Vine

DC also increased publication of book-store friendly formats, dc comics history trade paperback collections of individual serial comics, as well as original graphic novels.

One of the other imprints was Impact Comics from to in which the Archie Comics superheroes were licensed and revamped. Although the Milestone line ceased publication after a few years, it yielded the popular animated series Static Shock.

InDC purchased WildStorm Comics, Jim Lee 's imprint under the Image Comics banner, continuing it for many years as a wholly separate imprint — and fictional universe — with its own style and audience. Agentsin collection into DC Archive Editions.

It dc comics history rebranded its younger-audience titles with the mascot Johnny DC and established the CMX imprint dc comics history reprint translated manga.


DC dc comics history took advantage of the demise of Kitchen Sink Press and acquired the rights to much of the work of Will Eisnersuch as his The Spirit series and his graphic dc comics history.

InDC began laying the groundwork for a full continuity-reshuffling sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, promising substantial changes to the DC Universe and side-stepping the Zero Hour event which similarly tried to ret-con the history of the DCU.