The Registrar.—The 3 [State Government] may appoint a person to be Registrar of co-operative Societies for the 4 [State] or any portion of it, and may appoint. The Assam Co-operative Societies Act, *. (Assam Act 1 of ) . inserted by Assam Act. XIII of , having received the assent of the President of India. Users can find Meghalaya Cinemas(Regulation) Ammendment Rules as provided by the General Administration Department of the state.


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A Name for the Society has to be selected Thereafter once a chief promoter is selected by set of individuals cooperative society act india them, they have to select a name for the co-operative society which they wish to form Step 4: Application has to be made to the Registration Authority Once the name of the society is selected by the members then cooperative society act india have to make a application to the registration authority stating that they have a intention to form a society and the name of the society has to be given to the authority for its approval and registering authority has to confirm that name is in conformity with laws and issue a confirmation certificate to the members.

Cooperative Societies Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Then cooperative society act india the members get their name approval from the authority it is valid for 3 months from the date of approval. Bank Account Thereafter once the prescribed fee and share capital is collect from the prospective members, then as per the directions of the registering authority promoter has to open a bank account in the name of the society and deposit the said fees and share capital in that account and a certificate has to be obtained from the bank to that effect Step 7: Application for registration Once the bank formalities are completed then the promoter has cooperative society act india apply for the society formation to the registration authority and it has to be accompanied with set of documents, they are Form No.

List of promoter members 2.

Detailed explanation of working of the society. Four copies of proposed bye-laws of the society. Proof of payment of registration charges.


All these documents have to be submitted at the time of applying for registration of the society cooperative society act india the registering authority and the authority after it is satisfied with the documents submitted to it has to apply its mind to whether or not cooperative society act india register the said society.

Thereafter the registrar has to issue a receipt to that effect and give it to prospective members to know the status of the application when it is pending.

Registration Last step is that the registering authority after being satisfied with the documents meeting the legal requirements will notify the registration of the society in the official gazette mentioned by the state or central government and should issue the registration certificate of the society and give it to the members of the cooperative society act india.

Conclusion In India, Co-operative Societies were regarded as ideal instruments to motivate the people to come together and cooperative society act india themselves in the process of eliminating the unscrupulous middlemen making a huge profit at the expense of the society.

Step by step guide to setting up a co-operative society - iPleaders

The main guiding factor if an individual or group of individuals want to form a society must be cooperative society act india all the concerned members have common goal to achieve or not, it is important factor because only when they share common desire or intention then only society is desirable otherwise the whole purpose of forming a society will be defeated.

Societies like any other business structure come with certain advantages and disadvantages, they are: Advantages Cooperative stores supply quality goods unlike cooperative society act india shops wherein adulterated foods maybe given to its consumers and thus saved them from adulteration and other malpractices.

As consumers or members of the society are cooperative society act india owners and managers of such stores, genuine requirements of the majority of consumers can be met. In other words, goods required by a majority of the customers or members of the society are always dealt by such stores.

Charge and set-off in respect of shares or interest of member.

  • Cooperative Society Act, | National Portal of India
  • Cooperative Society Act, 1950
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Shares or interest not liable to attachment. Transfer of interest on death of member. Provided that— i in the case of a society with unlimited liability, such nominee, heir or legal representative, as the case may be, may require payment by the society of the value of the share or interest of the deceased member ascertained as aforesaid; cooperative society act india in the case of a cooperative society act india with limited liability, the society shall transfer the share or interest of the deceased member to such nominee, heir or legal representative, as the case may be, being qualified in accordance with the rules and by-laws for membership of the society, or on his application within one month of the death of the deceased member to any person cooperative society act india in the application who is so qualified.

Liability of past member. Liability of the estates of deceased members.

The Co-operative Societies Act,

Exemption from compulsory registration of instruments relating to shares cooperative society act india debentures of registered society. Power to exempt from income-tax, stamp-duty and registration fees. Provided that, with the general or special sanction of the Registrar, a registered society may make loans to another registered society.