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This text aims to show how young writers who were coming of age precisely at that moment incorporated into their novels the new ideas that they found in the writing conversaciones con bakunin many foreign authors, generally unknown to previous generations, whose works were essential to their development.


The author has focused on three authors who he conversaciones con bakunin are most representative of their generation, and follows with a lengthy study of the critical reception they have received over time.

New Airs Mutual Germinations It is conversaciones con bakunin common when speaking of, though not without many equivocations, what has come to be called new social movements to refer to feminism, environmentalism and what has sometimes been described as pacifism and other times anti-militarism, as the three most important manifestations of these.

And this to the extent that I feel tempted to improvise a quick conclusion: With everything, it is important to understand what I wish to say: And conversaciones con bakunin less does this mean that today, that there are serious obstacles for a mutual fecundation.

Anarchism and feminism Despite what I have just finished saying, there is a relatively important presence of considerations regarding women and their problems — though often sporadic and not always fully lucid — among anarchist thinkers and movements of the past.

Ina Spanish anarchist congress proclaimed, moreover, the equality of women and men, as much in the home as in places of work, a principle which, very often expressed by Bakunin himself, would at least in theory become a part of latter anarcho-syndicalism.

It is certainly the case that there was no shortage of contrary opinions, such as those voiced, in the wake of Proudhon, by Richard Mella.

Conversaciones Con Bakunin (Spanish Edition): Arthur Lehning: : Books

While so suggestive in so many other domains, he believed that women should essentially give themselves over to reproduction and care of the home. I would add that even conversaciones con bakunin Spanish anarcho-syndicalists assumed that the abolition of private conversaciones con bakunin would lead, by itself, to the emancipation of women, there were positions, even though minority positions, that advocated for the creation of organisations specifically dedicated to struggling for this emancipation and which were distrustful of the identification invoked earlier.

And conversaciones con bakunin against the fact that the condition of women in many of the communities created following the ideas of the first socialists — fortunately exceptions there were, such as those associated with certain communities conversaciones con bakunin an anarchist nature or with some, though not all, of the experiments encouraged by Owenists and Fourierists — was anything but enviable.

However, most certainly and as would be expected, the majority of the contributions in this domain came from libertarian women.

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The North American Voltairine de Cleyre, little known among us, accordingly defended free love and birth control, rejected monogamy and the grounds for the sexual division of labour and condemned repeatedly the double exploitation suffered by women as a consequence.

Louise Michel struggled against the discrimination suffered by women and for the equality of the sexes. The Argentine anarchist Carmen Lareva emphasised how inequality functioned to the detriment of women, but not without forcefully denouncing sexual hypocrisy and the exploitation that characterised our societies.

Emma Goldman, for her part, argued that the only difference between a married woman and a prostitute is the permanent character of the exploitation suffered by the first, while also demanding the complete independence of women.

Many of these ideas were at the origin conversaciones con bakunin a movement, Mujerers Libres, conversaciones con bakunin vigorous in the decade of the s.


In the dense social magma in which contradictions were frequent, it is sufficient to recall that in the wake of the revolution ofeven though many anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists were firmly determined to close the brothels, in no way was there an absence of those equally determined in defending their continuity under the conversaciones con bakunin argument that invoked the necessity of providing workers and militia men with an escape ….

Many libertarian feminists have underlined that in reality the majority of radical feminists are unconsciously anarchists.

In this respect, the necessity of breaking with conversaciones con bakunin isolation that so many women suffer and the enforcing of the consciousness that they must liberate themselves, without reproducing schemas of conversaciones con bakunin and submission, and on the basis of mutual aid, equality and the refusal of leaderships, imposes itself.


The emancipation of women will be the doing of women themselves, conversaciones con bakunin it will not be. I am referring to an anarcho-feminism that openly contests capitalism, which recalls that patriarchy and class exploitation maintain an obvious conversaciones con bakunin, and that concerns itself with an extremely broad range of issues.

This variety is illustrated in the criticism of marriage and of the nuclear family, of the radical primacy of heterosexuality, of fixed sexual conversaciones con bakunin, of hierarchical norms, of alienating divisions, of stereotypes vehicled by education and culture, and of double exploitation; it also affirms the desire to increase power over the body and the aspiration of reinventing everyday life.

To demand equality between men and women in a system weighed down ontologically by inequality and hierarchy leads to a multitude of contradictions.