Cellular glossary defining many of the technologies and terminologies The wireless phone industry labels various technologies with "G" ratings -- as in. Our online glossary is here to help you make sense of the terminology used in the cell phone industry. It covers mobile technologies, such as 3G and 4G, and. Glossary of Mobile Phone Terms. An explanation of the various abbreviations and terms used in the UK mobile phone sector including those relating to.


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Mobile terms glossary

DoCoMo's i-mode is the only network in the world that now allows subscribers continuous access to the Internet via mobile telephone. The service lets users send and receive e-mail, exchange photographs, do online shopping and banking, download personalized ringing melodies for their phones, and navigate among more than 7, specially formatted Web cell phone glossary.

The current i-mode data transmission speed is just 9. Dual mode A feature on some wireless phones that allows the handset to operate on both analog and digital networks.

All wireless phones use DTMF dialing. Also referred to as TouchTone.

Duplex As in ordinary telephone service, a characteristic of a communications system where simultaneous transmission and reception is possible.

Cell phone glossary The ability to send and receive text messages through a wireless handset. ESN Electronic Serial Number Cell phone glossary unique serial number of a cellular phone that identifies it to the cellular system for the purpose and placing and receiving calls.

First Incoming Minute Free A calling plan feature that waives airtime charges for the first minute of all incoming calls.

Jargon Glossary

Fixed Wireless Fixed wireless refers to wireless devices or systems that are situated in fixed locations, such as an office or home, as opposed to devices that are mobile, such as cell phones and PDAs.

Fixed wireless devices normally derive their electrical power from utility mains, as opposed to portable wireless devices that normally derive their power from batteries. The cell phone glossary signal transmissions occur through the air over a terrestrial microwave platform rather than through copper or fiber cables; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or local phone service.

The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for laying new cables and cell phone glossary capacity for broad bandwidth that is not impeded by fiber or cable capacities.


GPRS achieves faster connection speeds thanks to two cutting-edge technologies. The first cell phone glossary the General Packet. Rather than sending information in a steady stream through a single channel as current phones do, a GPRS-enabled phone or other device breaks the information down into cell phone glossary and sends them over multiple channels up to eight.

Each packet travels by the quickest available route to the recipient, where it is reassembled into the original message. Sending packets by several different channels increases the speed of transmission and cuts down on signal errors.

Like a radio, a GPRS-enabled phone or data device is "always on".

Glossary - cell phone term definitions (Phone Scoop)

As long as you have your Motorola GPRS phone switched on, you have an open channel for sending and receiving text messages, updates from the web and other data.

You'll be cell phone glossary to exchange files and browse the web with your mobile phone as easily as you do now with your PC at home or at work.

GSM Global System for Mobile GSM is the Global System for Mobile, by far the most broadly deployed digital wireless standard in the world, with over million customers to-date in over countries and with service provided by over operators.

Handoff The transfers of a wireless call cell phone glossary progress from one transmission site to another site without disconnection. Hands-Free Speakerphone A feature of some wireless phones that allows the users to talk and listen to calls without holding the phone against their head.