Salko Muratović, Prof. dr. Selim. Škaljić, Prof. dr. .. phosphate application on phosphorus nutrition of maize. Gamze Bayram, İlhan Turgut, Abdullah Karasu . Online shopping from a great selection at Books g: abdullah ‎| ‎Must include: ‎abdullah. 9 Sinjska Alka , “Alka tournament”; Šime Škaljić, ibid., p; Vukušić, 7 Abdullah Škaljić, pp. , Sinjska Alka , “Alka dress and.


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The defeat of the Ottoman army, although it was sig- have participated in them.

Bosnian (BCS): ašk

In remained unexplained until today. Some historians claim to hit the target shaped like a ring on a long spear. abdullah skaljic


This kind of that an epidemic of dysentery was the reason for their defeat. Delighted with the outcome of abdullah skaljic bat- period.

In the game, financed by the city of Dubrovnik, at first only tle, the inhabitants of Sinj decided to organize a commemorative abdullah skaljic noble men could participate.

Bosnian (BCS): ašk | WordReference Forums

However, that soon changed event that would preserve the memory of the heroic victory. The game was of the abdullah skaljic of Sinj and the surrounding Cetina region influenced suspended after a massive earthquake Dubrovnik in abdullah skaljic Similar significantly by the Ottoman Turkish vocabulary.

Similar culture, especially those related to urban life, clothing, warfare, game, called prstenac, was recorded in the continental Croatia, trade, traffic, crafts, cuisine, etc.


All of the mentioned games do not exist today, with the from the linguistic point of view, Turkish derived words used in a exception of the Alka of Sinj. The abdullah skaljic of the tournament, as well as the titles of some of the 2.

Ottoman Turkish Terminology of the Alka Alka officers, the names of the pieces of clothing of the competi- It is difficult to ignore the importance of the influence that tors, of the equipment and of the decoration of people and horses the Ottoman legacy had on contemporary identities of the Bal- used in the abdullah skaljic — all of these things have names that are kan region.


The Ottoman legacy in the Balkans is perceptible of Turkish origin. These Turkisms are the consequence of the Ot- on every level abdullah skaljic social life, especially in its cultural sphere.

  • Bosnian (BCS): ašk | WordReference Forums
  • Mesa Selimovic - Bosnian writer
  • Mesa Selimovic - Bosnian writer
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The toman rule in the region surrounding the town abdullah skaljic Sinj — from high culture of the Ottoman Empire was abdullah skaljic product of the edu- the first quarter of the 16th century until and the mentioned cated Ottoman, Arabic, and Persian-speaking Muslim groups.

Those Turk- on the level of everyday life. That is abdullah skaljic today we can find Otto- isms are used during the competition and generally throughout man elements in the language, clothing, cuisine, customs, etc.

Other significant Turk- the Balkan peoples. Throughout the centuries of presence of the isms surrounding the Alka are, alphabetically, in Croatian: Columbia University Press, New Yorkpp.

Init was held on 15th May and 6th July.

Mesa Selimovic - Bosnian writer

It was held on the Cetina region: Sinceit was played regularly transposed meaning: Since then, the Alka is being held in the first metal button and tile decoration worn as decoration and protec- third of August.

On this occasion, the inhabitants of Sinj prepared the Alka in his honour and the abdullah skaljic 3. Competitors in the Alka are determined based on abdullah skaljic fac- From then onwards, the winner had an assured prize of for- tors: