Find! zf 5hp18 from a vast selection of Parts & Accessories. Get great deals on eBay! There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to transmission parts like valve bodies, and don't let anyone tell you different. Every driver is different. has transmission Valve Body Kit, ZF 5HP


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It was designed for engines sitting in the vehicle in the longitudinal direction.

It was first introduced in and remained in 5hp18 valve body through the model year. There are still millions of these vehicles on the road today and the used car market is flooded with them.

BMW owners can be hard on their cars and sometimes abuse them without even realizing they may be causing damage to the transmission.


Get the transmission serviced on a regular basis: I recommend that you get a full transmission service every 30, miles. Porsche only with bolton speed sensor and green epc solenoid.

Transmission Parts Online Makco Transmission Parts: Valve Body Kit, ZF 5HP18 (OE kit)

Two problems commonly found with the 6hp19 transmission. Posted by regis on monday june 10th the 6hp19 transmission is a 6 speed made by zf friedrichshafen ag.


Everything about your zf 6hp26 6hp19 6hp28 transmission 5hp18 valve body replies what you are supposed to know about your zf6hp26 6hp19 6hp28 and similar ford transmissions. So iamp39ve had to rebuild my transmission because it was leaking.

This is part 1 of probably 3 videos that i will do on the subject. Two brackets that help hold the underneath 5hp18 valve body on need to come off, in order to get access to removing the transmission pan and also have unfettered access when you are dropping the valve body.

Valve body kits - ZF5HP18

There is one bracket on the driver's side of the transmission, and one on the left 5hp18 valve body. The pics ought to be obvious what I am trying to do. If they need explaining, then I recommend you stop immediately and contact someone for help.

I used any and everything I could find to make a controlled yet comfortable environment for under the car also, ignore the homemade transmission jack in pic I wasn't smart enough to make this until I did the re-install of the valve body, and yes, i took the valve body 5hp18 valve body with arms, hands, elbows, forehead and anything else I could muster while I did my best not to die from drinking too much transmission fluid poring all over my face, nose, mouth and throat: For the transmission pan, a simple 10mm socket and wrench with small extension will do the trick to remove the 8 transmission pan bolts.

These 8 bolts each have an attaching pan 5hp18 valve body that come off with their respective bolt, do not separate them or even attempt to, as you will strip them, they were not designed to come apart have a torque spec of 4.

Once the pan is off, immediately put it inside a new, large garbage bag so it doesn't get filthy; note: This serves two purposes: You are going to be staring a large number of screw bolts, and you are going to wonder to yourself, as David Bryne of the Talking Heads sings: